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Abamectin of Veyong wins honor at State Science and Technology Progress Awards

Posted: Feb 11,2017
The research program of Veyong, Abamectin’s Micro-organism High-Efficient Synthesis and Bio-manufacturing, has won the second prize at the State Science and Technology Progress Awards for 2016 at a ceremony in Beijing.
The award was presented on January 9 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The Presentation Ceremony was organized by the central government.

The five awards that were presented included the State Science and Technology Top Award, State Technological Innovation Award and State Science and Technology Progress Award. 
Abamectin and its derivatives are one of the most widely used bio-pesticide varieties in the world, and China is where much of the production and consumption of abamectin happens. As China’s top abamectin national standard drafter, the standardized abamectin producer designated by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and the abamectin product team leader for the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA), Veyong plays an important role in the abamectin industrial sector. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of the production technology for abamectin and product promotions in the domestic market and abroad.
The export value of abamectin, including its derivative Emamectin Benzoate, manufactured by Veyong, has been at number one in China for consecutive years, having been sold to some 70 countries and regions across the world. In the Chinese domestic market, Veyong has taken the lead by launching the rice leaf folder-resistant abamectin formulations, Lanrui and Yingli, which filled up the space created due to the exit of the highly toxic pesticide, methamidophos. 

The abamectin formulation products of Veyong also registered record sales exceeding 100 million yuans annually, the highest for any single item of pesticides. This enabled abamectin to win a significantly increased market share in the insecticide market.

In October 2016, the 1,000-ton glufosinate project of Veyong went into a trial production mode and has been operating well so far. Compared with other glufosinate production technologies in China, this product promises high yield, low cost, continuous running and less waste discharge. It represents the advanced level of glufosinate production in China. The smooth operation of the plant has led to the Veyong’s glufosinate production capacity reach 1,500 tons. Based on such continued improvement and efforts to achieve perfection in the 1,000-ton glufosinate production facility, Veyong is prepared to complete the reasoning process for a 3,000-ton glufosinate project to continue to further expand its glufosinate production capacity.
It is expected that in the near future, Veyong will make a great contribution by further enhancing the glufosinate production technology and further promoting the glufosinate product in the market.

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