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Biological Pesticide: Potential While Growing At High Speed

Posted: Mar 31,2015
On 4th China International Bio-Agrochemical Industry Development Forum", Mr. Qiu Dewen, Deputy Director of Institute of Plant Protection reports on development of biological pesticides. Despite different classification for bio-pesticide in the pesticide management of different countries and regions in the world, it is witnessed by all that biological pesticide develops very rapidly.
Rapid growth of biological pesticides in the world
He points out that, biological pesticide accounted for 0.2 % market share of the pesticide in the world in 2000, but it grew up to 3.7 % in 2009.In 2010, world biological pesticide output value exceeded 2 billion USD, with the market share reaching about 4 %.According to the report on " 2012-2017 Global biological pesticide trend and forecast " issued by Markets & Markets, in 2011 global biological pesticide market value reached 1.3 billion USD, and it is expected to reach 3.2 billion USD in 2017. From 2012 to 2017, it will grow at compound annual rate of growth of 15.8 %.Federal environmental protection administration (EPA) of USA newly approved biological pesticides which outnumber ordinary pesticides by far. In Europe, that is the fastest growing market, keeping a high rate of increase of 15%.Experts forecast that by 2015, world biological pesticide market value will hopefully reach 2.8 billion USD.
He sorts out the current status of biological pesticides in the world at present: 27 countries in the world list 46 microorganisms as microorganism germicide effective ingredient, and among them 25 fungi and 21 bacteria. ln USA, EU, UK and Canada and other countries and organizations, 53 microorganism strains get accredited and related products are registered. In US, 26 microorganism strains get registration as microbial pesticide, 85 products are registered. Among them, there are the American biological pesticide company Agraquest (22 registered products), the American Bioworks Inc. (8 registered products), Bayer (7 registered products).
International major companies actively participate
Thanks to rapid growth of biological pesticides, international major companies take an active part in global biological pesticide market competition. He gives examples of the German Beyer, the German BASF, and the Swiss Syngenta, which are world well-known pesticide producers. They enter and lead the biological pesticide industry by acquiring bio­technology companies, and guide global agrochemical jumbo enterprises to also actively contend in acquiring bio-technology companies, and that hugely promotes the rapid growth of the biological pesticide field. ln his report, the Director Qiu cites the opinion of Mr. Bill Stoneman, Executive Chairman of American Biological Pesticide Guild that, when global agrochemical tycoons contend to acquire or merge bio-technology companies, that will further promote the popularization and application of new biological pesticides and biological pesticide market, and drive concentrated healthy sustainable development of the biological pesticide industry. The annual sales of global traditional pesticides market is 47 billion USD, and the six major pesticide companies account for 75 % market share. That pattern of several firms occupying the majority of market will help to exert the synergy of several pesticide products and their combinations in a much more efficient way. In contrast, after the global biological pesticide market reached l.3 billion USD in 2011, the 2013 sales is estimated to be between 1.3 and 1.6 billion USD. But the whole biological pesticide market is shared by over 100 small and medium-sized enterprises in a highly dispersed way. Many companies only hold one or two products, and that is not good for growth and large-scale development of biological pesticide industry.
Highlights for future study
Considering the future trend of development, he thinks the development of life sciences leading edge technologies will provide brand-new technological paths for bio-agricultural development. Meanwhile, the intercrossing and infiltration among sciences is an increasing trend, and that will cause biological agriculture research to change drastically and cause the advent of some new research areas and new techniques and new products with significant potential in application. Botanical immunization inducement and exciton research are the new points of growth in the green ecological pesticides research in recent years. Through invention of microorganism repair technology and product, the crop soil structure in our country gets ameliorated strongly, and thereby the healthy growth of herbs are assured and promoted.

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